The most frequently asked questions in a taxi

February 10th, 2016


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As friendly citizens we feel it is our duty to engage in conversation with taxi drivers, because frankly, it certainly makes it a little less awkward for all in the taxi. Here at Taxi Choice Insurance we are going to inform you on the most commonly asked questions in a taxi and you’ll be able to see if you’ve been guilty to using one of them, whether you are a passenger or a cabbie.

“Have you been busy tonight?”

We’ve all been there, we get in a taxi and it’s silent. The best question that you could possibly use to break the ice with is this one. It’ll hopefully stimulate some sort of conversation and will look as though you want to know about him and actually show some interest in to the life of a cabbie. By asking if they’ve been busy may also give you an indication on the likelihood of getting a return taxi if you need one. But usually if it’s a Friday or Saturday night, you already know the answer you’re going to get!

“What time are you on till?”

Another one of the all-time favourites, this is a very popular question and it gives you an insight in to the life of a taxi driver and shows you the hours which they work. Usually, if it is a night shift, they will be on until the very early hours of the morning. This gives you an opportunity to show some sympathy and really get them on side! Also if it is the case that they are on until the early hours of the morning, if you are in for a late night, there’s a chance you may see them again on your way home!

“Have you ever had anyone famous in your taxi?”

Deep down we all know we love a bit of gossip and what better what to find out about our favourite celebrities is from a taxi driver. It gives you both a chance to have a giggle and find out the inside scoop to some of the biggest names lives outside of stardom!

However, the roles are often reversed and you will find that some of the nicest people that will listen to you are taxi drivers. They want to make their journeys and shifts easier and by doing that is by interacting with people from all walks in life. So here are some of the top questions cabbies ask to their passengers.

“Where you going to?”

An important question, yet key to the start of a conversation. By asking this it can lead to all sorts of different answers and conversations. You will be able to get a feel and ambience for the passenger and will make your life a lot easier knowing the answer to this question. However, this question can be a touchy subject if the passenger is slightly intoxicated as they could give you any sort of garbage.

“Have you had a good night?”

By asking this question can give you some good stories to tell your passengers to come if they inform you on any funny stories which have occurred and will give you a laugh and something to remember them by. But also, it can possibly give you some insight in to if anything suspicious or dangerous has happened in the area as they inform you of anything which has occurred such as fights or strange behaviour by anyone they may have come across. This will also give you something to remember them by if you feel it is something you need to make your passengers aware of to keep them safe, it also shows you care which is never a bad thing.

“What do you do for a living?”

This question is usually a good one to get them to open up, it also can allow you to gain a lot of knowledge on all types of career paths that people take and you will usually be able to relay this information to future passengers. Personally, I believe that this can be one of the many questions which can gain you quite a lot of respect from the people who you ferry about as it makes you seem like you are genuinely interested in their life, even if you aren’t. But it makes you look good and what more could you want?

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