How to keep healthy on the job

April 12th, 2016

Keep healthy whilst on the job

We wanted make sure that all of our customers are aware of the ways in which they can still live a healthy lifestyle whilst working the unsociable hours which they do.

  1. Cut down on junk food. It may be easier to grab something from the local takeaway; however, it will soon take its toll. Therefore, we suggest bringing a home-prepared meal with you to work and possibly keep them in a cool bag whilst you are working. Especially seeing as it is coming to the summer months and your vehicle may not be cool enough to refrigerate your food.
  2. Drink plenty of water throughout all of your shifts. This can negatively affect the way your brain functions. Also, if you do not consume enough water, according to studies, this can reduce your lack of concentration, possibly enabling you to make more mistakes.
  3. Keep yourself active and get some exercise.It has been advised by many, that every thirty minutes every person should take a break from sitting down (including people who do not work in a taxi). This means that, seeing as taxi drivers sit down for so long on their shifts, they could be doing themselves some serious damage. We are aware that it may not be possible to get up and have a stretch if you have customers in the back of your cab who want to travel far. However, just allow yourself to keep this in the back of your mind, you could even set yourself reminders to get out of your cab and get some fresh air.

We believe that our customers are all important and come first; therefore we hope that this advice to you has been beneficial and useful for you. If you would like to contact a member of our friendly, expert team do not hesitate to contact us by ringing 0333 200 0089.  

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